Staff in the Professional Services Hubs are committed to providing the highest standard of services and adhere to a set of fundamental principles outlined in the Service Charter. This charter forms the foundation of their services aligned with the ACU Mission.

There are two types of Hubs: Portfolio Hubs and Faculty Hubs. Portfolio Hubs and Faculty Hubs differ in focus and scale; they have been established differently to meet the different needs of their clients.

Portfolio Hubs

Portfolio Hubs consist of a group of specialist professional staff who solve complex, multi-faceted problems and ensure specialist support and resources are integrated, delivered, and applied in a consistent and holistic way for executive and senior managers within Portfolios.

Corporate Services

Ms Sharone Ciancio
Director, Strategy & Operations PSH - Corporate Services

Education and Vice President

Ms Sue Bolt
Director, Strategy & Operations PSH - Education and VP

Provost and DVCRE

Mr Martin Taylor
Director, Strategy & Operations PSH - Provost and DVCRE

Faculty Hubs

Faculty Hubs consist of a broad, collaborative team of professional staff who streamline Faculty-based processes and enhance efficiency in integrated service delivery to ensure a seamless experience for all staff and students.

Faculty of Education and Arts

Ms Linda Schofield
Director, Strategy & Operations PSH - FEA

Faculty of Health Sciences

Mr David Baker
Director, Strategy & Operations PSH - FHS

Faculty of Law and Business and Faculty of Theology and Philosophy

Ms Sally Truelove
Director, Strategy & Operations PSH - FLB and FTP

For more information on Professional Services Hubs, see Frequently Asked Questions. Please note the Frequently Asked Questions are subject to change as the hubs evolve and become embedded into operations.

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