1. Our commitment to you

As a university grounded in its Catholic mission and cognisant of our commitment to the good stewardship of our resources, we recognise that the service we provide is integral to your needs and may impact upon your ability to achieve outcomes.

We are committed to providing the highest standard of services in order to meet these obligations in a responsive and professional manner.

Professional Services Hubs aim to provide these services in an integrated, whole of portfolio or faculty approach to service support.

2. Our service principles

We adhere to a set of fundamental principles that form the foundation of our service aligned with the ACU mission.



3. Our staff

Individually and collectively, our staff are devoted to upholding the values of ACU and our services are delivered by skilled, motivated, and courteous professionals. In providing these services, our staff pledge is to:

  • treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • deliver quality service with courtesy in a timely manner
  • receive sufficient support and training and maintain a human-centred approach
  • use our expertise to identify and understand your concerns
  • stay updated on policy, procedures and processes
  • understand the broader operational environment and context to provide better assistance
  • handle your confidential information appropriately and sensitively.

4. Our service standards

Our objectives align to the ACU Service Excellence Framework and we remain committed to excellence in:

  • Ensuring services are aligned with our mission, strategic vision and meeting organisational needs.
  • Designing collaborative services that are informed by the service users' needs and experience.
  • Enhancing our service delivery to ensure it is supported by quality systems, structures, processes and is sustainable.
  • Stewarding service delivery to optimise efficiency while remaining relevant, agile and contemporary.

5. Defining services, roles and responsibilities

You have an important role to play in understanding that service support is a two-way process. We value your helpful support in enabling a high standard of service. You can assist us by:

  • engaging and consulting with us early in the co-creation of service improvement delivery
  • providing us with the timely and accurate information we require
  • recognising and understanding your responsibilities and accountabilities
  • collaborating with us to address challenges and change together
  • maintaining realistic expectations of our services
  • cultivating courteous and respectful reciprocal relationships
  • offering constructive feedback to enhance our services.

6. Evaluating and improving our performance

We value your feedback.

The helpful feedback you provide the Professional Services Hubs helps us to identify issues and gaps so we can refine and improve our service. Continuous professional development for staff will be prioritised to ensure we maintain the highest standards of service.

Quarterly reports on service performance outcomes will be submitted to VCAC, as well as conducting biannual forums to engage in meaningful service improvement discussions aimed at achieving service excellence.

Page last updated on 20/03/2024

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