ACU recycles about 50% of its waste and sends the remainder to landfill. The heaviest environmental impacts arise from the decomposition of waste that ACU sends to landfill. This decomposition emits greenhouse gases equivalent to about 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

ACU’s recyclable waste, such as paper, cardboard, electronics and packaging, is sent to recycling facilities for sorting and on-selling to manufacturers in Australia and abroad. Those manufacturers will turn the recycled material into new products.

In 2020, ACU adopted a new waste management approach that aims to reduce the total amount of all types of waste, whether landfill or recyclable waste.

This approach prioritises the goal to reduce overall waste generation.

In 2019, ACU generated around 53 tonnes of waste per month. In 2020, ACU has generated just 34 tonnes per month.

See What you can do to improve recycling rates at ACU.


Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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