• Installed 650,000 litres of water-tank capacity in use at our campuses.
  • All campuses have installed a range of water efficient appliances, such as low-flow shower-heads, waterless or low-flow urinals, dual flush toilets and drip irrigation.
  • The Campus facility management teams have rigorous maintenance regimes to identify and fix faulty and leaking water pipes and appliances.
  • Many of our campuses save water by planting drought tolerant plants and not watering the campus ground.

In 2022, ACU consumed around 80,000 kilolitres of water, sourced from the local water mains as well as the rainwater it captures in its water tanks.

To find out what you can do to help reduce water consumption at ACU, please see our What you can do to save water page, and contact us with your water-saving ideas.

Page last updated on 04/07/2023

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