We can assist you to make the most of your research with advanced information and communication technologies. The eResearch team provides advice on data management plans, privacy laws, arrangements for research publications as well as recommending tools to increase productivity or aid collaboration and resources to assist your work. We can also share with you best practices from other universities, disciplines and research groups.

Our services

Data storage

ACU data storage

On request, ACU IT offers secure and backed up storage for your research group or project. Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.


File transfer and secure storage located in Australia and directly connected to the AARNet backbone at 10Gbps, for rapid and convenient access, and avoiding any sovereignty issues. Login using your ACU username/password. Find out more.

Intersect Space

Intersect’s storage solutions enable researchers to securely transfer, store, manage and share large amounts of active data with other researchers or products. 

Research data management

Good planning leads to good practices, at that begins at the start of your project. Your Research Data Management plan describes your strategy to collect, organise, manage, store, secure, backup, preserve and share your data during and beyond the project lifecycle. It deals with matters such as retention and disposal, archiving, accessing, sharing or publishing the data and conditions or restrictions for data reuse. Short-term and long-term aims can be balanced so that decisions made early in a project do not negatively impact on the ability to find and use the research data in future.

See the Research Data Management toolkit

Read our Research Data Management Policy

Research computing

ACU eResearch will assist researchers in identifying appropriate research computing platforms to suit their unique needs, including:

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Application Hosting Services

Grants assistance

When you apply for a grant, we can assist you and your team to:

  • Develop data management plans
  • Develop  estimates for the IT components of grant applications
  • Include in‐kind contributions based on Intersect services, such as high performance computing (HPC) and consultation/advice
  • Build collaborations where multi‐institutional collaborations are a requirement for application (e.g. ARC LIEF and NeCTAR)


Researchers and graduate research students have free access to a wide range of specialised courses, from beginner through to advanced levels in High-Performance Computing (HPC), Excel for research, data management and visualisation, cleaning and exploring data, and more.

ACU online training

Available to all staff, LinkedIn Learning offers online training on data analysis tools (such as SPSS) and more.

Intersect training

Delivered by a team of experts, these specialised courses for researchers are customised and regularly updated. The training is provided at no cost to ACU researchers, research groups and graduate research students.

To request Intersect training courses at your campus or for your research team, please complete a training request survey.

Research tools

A number of research tools and applications are available, including commercial or open source tools. 


This  mature and secure web application is for building and managing online surveys and databases.  


Launchpod is a tool to deploy virtual machines (VMs) on the NeCTAR Research Cloud. Launchpod is designed like a wizard; it allows researchers to quickly establish a working version of the software without the need for specialised IT knowledge. 


We have a  limited number of off-site licences for the SPSS statistical  analysis package for ACU research candidates. Candidates should contact Research development in the first instance as licensing for off-premise use of SPSS has special conditions that ACU must conform to.


InCites is a citation analysis tool provided by Clarivate Analytics (part of Thomson Reuters). Drawing on data from the Web of Science databases, inCites supports analysis and reporting on research performance. Research Librarians are able to assist staff and provide advice on accessing and using inCites.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Access to Microdata and Census data is available to ACU researchers.

To gain access to ABS Microdata, register as an ACU user and Research Services will confirm your application. 


Staff and students are able to register for TableBuilder Pro or Basic as a member of ACU. Access to this is free and ACU has the licence.

Census data pack registration

For the Census data packs you will need to register via the ABS website. Please note these packs are free.

For further information please contact Michael Murphy

Intersect membership

Intersect provides robust, innovative and collaborative technology to support world-class research to their member institutions. It is Australia’s largest full-service eResearch support agency. Intersect builds research applications across all disciplines and across a broad range of IT service categories including project management, analysis, architecture, solution design, and software development.

Contact our eResearch Analyst (Intersect) for assistance with: 

  • Analysis, scoping, grant writing, software development, testing, deployment, and operations
  • Needs gathering for software, hardware, and people
  • Skills development and training
  • Access to technical services provided by Intersect
  • High performance computing, data storage and management, and collaboration tools.

Contact us

Contact us to discuss which tools are available and will work best for your objectives, or to discuss reporting, privacy laws and data management. 

For general enquiries email ACU eResearch.

Other useful contacts:

Stephanie McGlinchey, Research Librarian (ACU Library)

Aidan Wilson, ACU eResearch Analyst (Intersect)

Michael Murphy, Manager Research Reporting


Page last updated on 10/03/2022

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