Grants and funding

The Grants team can help you find funding sources, support you in completing expressions of interest, tender submissions and grant applications (including those with industry) and assist with all pre-award and post-award steps.

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Research contracts

The Contracts team can prepare and review the research contract for your project, whether for grant awards or unfunded research, relationships with government and industry, commercial projects, or collaborations.

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Research finance

The Research Finance team can support you with your research project's financial requirements and ensure finance policies and procedures are adhered to for both ACU and external funding bodies.

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Data and eResearch

The eResearch team can assist you with data management advice, survey tools and design, privacy law requirements, information protection and other IT intensive aspects of your research.

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Research ethics approval

Ethics approval is required for all research involving people, personal data, and human tissue, as well as research involving animals. Find out more about the ethics approval process, and how we can support you in conducting research to the highest ethical standards.

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Research integrity

Our research integrity framework provides a foundation for research that is accurate, honest and transparent, and ensures community trust in our research. Learn more about research integrity and how you can conduct responsible research. 

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Clinical trials

Clinical Trials require Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval and governance authorisation. Find out more about Clinical Trials, and how we can support you in conducting research within ACU.

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Defence trade controls

We regularly partner with universities, governments and private industry outside of Australia to meet our research objectives. Learn how we comply with the Defence Trade Controls Act (2012) to ensure that we protect Australia's national interests without limiting our research.

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Research impact

Browse resources and information to support you in growing the contribution that your research makes to society beyond academia.

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Publishing and reporting

Publishing and reporting your findings is a key research activity. Your publications can be added to our Research Database (Orion) assisting out submissions to Excellence in Research for Australia.

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Industry and enterprise

Industry can play a prominent role in ACU's curriculum, post-graduate employment rates, scholarships and research opportunities. Learn more about how you could engage with industry.

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A-Z of research tools

ACU researchers and research candidates have access to a number of research tools, applications and resources to support their research activities.

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ACU Library support

The ACU Library provides a range of resources and services for researchers and HDR candidates to support you throughout the research process.

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Policies and procedures

Explore ACU's Policy and Procedure library.

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COVID-19 and your research

Information for researchers about managing the impact of COVID-19 on your research.

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Professional development

Browse upcoming training and professional development opportunities, and explore resources to promote your research profile.

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Page last updated on 18/06/2024

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