myVoice is our regular staff engagement and feedback mechanism and allows us to track how we are progressing over time and how we compare across the sector. myVoice was first introduced at ACU in 2009.

Our results

Our overall results reflect positively on ACU as an organisation that has changed considerably and been impacted by significant change across the sector, since our first survey in 2009.

2019 myVoice results

The survey was held over September and October 2019. Overall, ACU’s response rate was in the top third of universities who participated in the survey. We achieved a strong response rate of 69 per cent (a total of 1,399 continuing and fixed-term and 480 casual/sessional staff completed the survey).

The high-level results showed that we continued to score above the industry standard across most categories and particularly in cross-unit co-operation, facilities, recognition, staff awareness of our vision and our values.

Since the previous survey in 2017, the areas where we made the most improvement included: cross-unit cooperation - knowledge and information sharing; support to achieve community engagement goals; and staff having access to the right equipment to do their jobs well.

While your responses told us that we have much to be proud of, the survey results also identified areas for improvement, including: career opportunities and career planning; recruitment and selection; innovation; and processes.

ACU continued to benefit from the passion and commitment of our casual and sessional staff to our mission and values, but they also wanted more involvement, feedback on their performance, and future career opportunities.

2017 myVoice results

In 2017, a total of 1,500 staff completed the myVoice survey. Casual and sessional staff were invited to join for the first time, with more than 900 taking up the opportunity to share their views.

The engagement of continuing and fixed-term staff was strong with a 73 per cent response rate. The results identified areas of strength including understanding of ACU’s mission, awareness of our values, and relationships with co-workers. The areas that had improved the most since previous survey in 2014 were safety and safety behaviour, learning and development, and executive leaders keeping staff informed about what is going on.

Engagement of casual and sessional staff was also strong with an eighty-five per cent response rate. Areas of strength included job satisfaction, and diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity.

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