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Professional Learning - level 3

Level 3 focuses on achieving and demonstrating excellence in teaching and learning support. Typically, level 3 would support professional learning for staff in teaching leadership roles such as NLIC, LIC, Course Coordinator, or Discipline lead.

Staff at this level have an interest in increasing the impact of their teaching through continuing scholarship, collaboration and dissemination of teaching innovations within and beyond ACU.

Finding the right level

Below you can view stories that reflect diverse staff roles, interests and learning objectives that are considered level 3 to help orient you to the appropriate resources for this level.

Alice - Library

Alice is a Senior Library Coordinator who leads a team of Library Academic and Research Services librarians and several projects and working groups. She is an experienced librarian and has worked with multiple faculties to scaffold information and digital literacies throughout the curriculum. While Alice feels comfortable and confident in her role, she would like to learn more about designing targeted and engaging professional development for her team. Alice frequently acts as the campus manager.

Claudia - Faculty

Claudia has taught at ACU across several units and has also contributed to curriculum development and review. She has recently been promoted to a senior lecturer role and has achieved a Teaching Development Grant to investigate the design and implementation of authentic assessment in her unit. She is interested in further developing her knowledge, skills and networks in order to demonstrate excellence in her practice and apply for a Teaching Citation or Award.

Hans - Faculty

Hans is the Deputy Head of School and has a strong research and publication record in his discipline. He is also Editor for an academic journal and is widely connected to other discipline leads in Australia and overseas. He is keen to develop a reputation for the School in providing high quality teaching and learning environments and student outcomes. He has completed his GCHE at ACU and is now keen to lead a Community of Practice based approach to innovating in curriculum within the School. He would like guidance on developing this CoP.

Manpreet - Learning Support

Manpreet has been an academic skills advisor at ACU for nine years and recently was promoted to team coordinator. They are interested in better understanding what excellence in teaching at the tertiary level means and in how to collaborate with staff at other institutions that innovate in the teaching and learning space. Manpreet is also keen to develop the teaching skills of the staff they supervise.

Mohsin - Library

Mohsin is a Senior Librarian who has worked in academic libraries for many years. He liaises with academic staff to support learning and teaching, and actively shares examples of his practice with other staff. Mohsin would like to develop his leadership skills to enable him to confidently lead the Library Academic and Research Services team when acting as the Senior Library Coordinator and to apply for a leadership role in future.

Learning resources

Professional learning - level 3


Informal Learning


Reflective Practice
and Collaboration


ACU Scholarship


Formal Coursework

Teaching in the ACU Context

Blended unit design


Understanding First Peoples' Curricula 

Curriculum Design and Quality Assurance

Academic Integrity

Assessment review and design

Consensus moderation

Developing learning outcomes

Engaging students with resources - Leganto

Generic and extended unit outline

Selecting curriculum resources

Educational Technologies

Hyflex and active learning rooms

Microcredentials (Non-Banner) (in development)

Equity and inclusion in teaching

First Nations

Internationalisation of T & L

Pre-HDR supervision

Simulations 1, 2, 3 (Mel Barlow)

ACU Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Peer Observation and Review of Teaching (PoRT)


Values based decision making for leaders in Higher Education

Value Based Leadership in Higher Education Tool

Teaching Awards

Grants, Citations, and Awards

Teaching in the ACU Context

Working with the Academic Skills Unit

CEI Showcase of Teaching and Learning

CEI Showcase Series


Evidence toolkit

Teaching Development Grants (TDG)

ACU Teaching Development Grants

Visiting Scholar Program (in development)

Visiting scholars

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

UNMC570 - Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Higher Education: Ethics and Methods

UNMC580 - Demonstrating Scholarly Practice in Higher Education

Graduate Diploma in Higher Education

Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (in development)

Recognition of your professional learning

Once you are familiar with these resources and confident in your skills, you may like to apply for recognition with Advance HE as a Senior Fellow or apply for a teaching award.

Senior Fellowship

To achieve Senior Fellowship with Advance HE, an applicant must demonstrate knowledge and skills supported by evidence of impact in all of the following areas of activity:

  1. designing, planning learning activities or programs of study
  2. teaching or supporting learning
  3. assessing and giving feedback
  4. developing effective learning environments and student supports, and,
  5. continuing professional development incorporating scholarship.

Senior Fellows are required to demonstrate knowledge not only in their discipline but also in teaching learning and assessing that is informed by theories and principles of how adults learn and supported by appropriate technologies. Fellows need to explain processes they use to evaluate their practice and how this evaluation informs continuing improvement in teaching leading to quality enhancement in learning in their context.

Senior Fellows demonstrate respect for diverse learners and promote access to higher education providing learning resources and processes that are inclusive and equitable. Senior Fellows engage in scholarship and inform their teaching with research-based evidence linked to the discipline, the profession and teaching and learning.

In addition, Senior Fellows can evidence an integrated approach to academic practice through sustained and effective incorporation of subject and pedagogic research, continuing relevant professional development and successful coordination, support, supervision, management and/or mentoring of others (whether individuals and/or teams) in relation to learning and teaching.

Who to contact?

ACU supports staff interested in achieving any level of Advance HE Fellowship through mentoring. Please contact Fellowships.CEI@acu.edu.au for advice on Fellowship application support.

To prepare an application for a Teaching Citation or Award, it is recommended that you speak with your supervisor to identify School and Faculty options, then consult the CEI  website under Scholarly Development and Recognition for ACU wide opportunities and then AAUT (Australian Awards for University Teaching) for national awards.


For any feedback, to raise questions, or to to share comments on the professional learning program, send us an email at CEI@acu.edu.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

Page last updated on 22/01/2024

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