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Professional learning - level 2

Level 2 focuses on building quality and innovation in teaching. At this level, teachers or support staff in learning and teaching are familiar with ACU resources, policies and procedures involved in supporting learning. They understand key features of a quality curriculum and engaging teaching approaches but seek to innovate in their practice and further develop their knowledge and skills to support improved student learning experiences and outcomes and develop their career in higher education.

Level 2 offers formal (Graduate Certificate in Higher Education) and informal professional learning resources.

Finding the right level

To assist you find the level of learning that is most useful to your role and career stage, user stories have been developed and provided by ACU staff for each of the four levels. Below you can view stories that reflect diverse staff roles, interests and learning objectives and are provided to help orient you to the appropriate level of resources.

Raj - Faculty

Raj has been teaching at ACU for several years and is now a Lecturer in Charge of a large unit with several hundred students enrolled. Student feedback indicates a lack of engagement particularly with online learning resources and he wants to review the resources currently provided and propose revised curricula that is more innovative, student centred and interactive. He is not sure how to structure this review and how to present his planned innovations for implementation.

Marley - Learning Design

Marley has a background in librarianship, flexible learning and elearning in higher education. She provides support to academics through consultancy, professional learning and is interested in developing skills and knowledge around learning and teaching in a higher education context.

Chen Chen - Library

Chen Chen is an experienced Information Services Librarian who has worked at ACU Library for many years. She is confident in presenting both online and face-to-face classes to undergraduate students and has acted as a Senior Librarian. Chen Chen is keen to move into the Senior Librarian role permanently and is looking to extend her experience in curriculum involvement. She frequently volunteers to participate in library project teams and working groups to broaden her practice and has mentored new Information Services Librarians.

Jennifer - Faculty

Jennifer is a teacher of literacy in primary education and has been leading a unit at ACU for a few years. She is interested in learning more about teaching adults in the university context and also in framing her practice for research as a Scholarship in Teaching and Learning project. She has been receiving positive feedback from students and peers about her teaching and is considering developing an application for a small grant.

Ken - Library

Ken has been working as a Senior Librarian and ACU Library for several years and is embedded into the Faculty of Health Sciences. While Ken is confident in his ability to develop and deliver lecture-style classes, he would like to explore ways to improve student engagement through the application of active learning principles in the classroom. He would also like to learn more about best practice in online learning and teaching and how his role can facilitate and encourage the creation and use of open educational resources in curriculum.

Yong-Sun - Learning Support

Yong-Sun has a BA and Master of TESOL. He has taught English for Academic Purposes to secondary and pre-tertiary students in the Middle East, Japan and Korea. He is confident about his lesson planning and knows how to engage students in his classes. However, he would like to know more about learning at tertiary level and innovative approaches to teaching, especially using technology.

Learning resources

Professional learning - Level 2


Informal Learning


Reflective Practice
and Collaboration


ACU Scholarship


Formal Coursework

Teaching in the ACU Context

ACU New Teacher Induction

Common approaches to blending


Disability Services

Disrupting Queerspace Silence

Mental Health in Learning and Teaching

National approaches to curriculum delivery

Teaching Strategies

Understanding First Peoples Curricula

Curriculum Design and Quality Assurance

Academic Integrity

Engaging students with resources - Leganto

Good Feedback Practices

Selecting curriculum resources

Educational Technologies


Producing your own videos

Virtual Teaching

Canvas Resources 

Canvas Training and Tutorial Videos

Canvas Instructor Guide

ACU Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Library Learning and Teaching Framework

Peer Observation and Review of Teaching (PoRT)


Reflective Practice in Higher Education

Reflective Practice and Evidencing 

Teaching Awards

Grants, Citations, and Awards

Teaching in the ACU Context

Working with the Academic Skills Unit


CEI Showcase of Teaching and Learning

CEI Showcase Series


Evidence toolkit


SoTL Modules

Teaching Development Grants (TDG)

ACU Teaching Development Grants

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education

UNMC500 - Culturally Safe Teaching Practice

UNMC530 - Good Practice in Higher Education: Curriculum Design

UNMC540 - Good Practice in Higher Education: Assessment Design

UNMC550 - Evaluating Technology-enabled Learning Activities in Higher Education

UNMC560 - Designing and Implementing Technology-enabled Learning Activities in Higher Education

UNMC581 - What works in higher education: Evidence-based teaching practices in the 'classroom'

UNMC582 - What works in higher education: Evidence-based teaching practices that surround the 'classroom'

Recognition for your professional learning

Once you are familiar with these resources and confident in your skills, you may like to apply for recognition with Advance HE as a Fellow or apply for a teaching award.


To achieve Fellowship with Advance HE, an applicant must demonstrate knowledge and skills supported by evidence of impact in all of the following areas of activity:

1) designing, planning learning activities or programs of study,
2) teaching or supporting learning,
3) assessing and giving feedback,
4) developing effective learning environments and student supports, and,
5) continuing professional development incorporating scholarship,

Fellows are required to demonstrate knowledge not only in their discipline but also in teaching learning and assessing that is informed by theories and principles of how adults learn and supported by appropriate technologies. Fellows need to explain processes they use to evaluate their practice and how this evaluation informs continuing improvement in teaching leading to quality enhancement in learning in their context. Fellows demonstrate respect for diverse learners and promote access to higher education providing learning resources and processes that are inclusive and equitable. Fellows engage in scholarship and inform their teaching with research-based evidence linked to the discipline, the profession and teaching and learning.

Who to contact?

ACU supports staff interested in achieving any level of Advance HE Fellowship through mentoring. Please contact Fellowships.CEI@acu.edu.au for advice on Fellowship application support.

To prepare an application for a Teaching Citation or Award, it is recommended that you speak with your supervisor to identify School and Faculty options, then consult the CEI  website under Scholarly Development and Recognition for ACU wide opportunities and then AAUT (Australian Awards for University Teaching) for national awards.


For any feedback, to raise questions, or to to share comments on the professional learning program, send us an email at CEI@acu.edu.au. We look forward to hearing from you.

Page last updated on 17/01/2024

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