• Expand Australia’s knowledge base
  • Improve research capacity in Australia
  • Develop economic, commercial, environmental, social and/or cultural benefits for Australia

Funding and Grant Duration

Project Funding: Between $30,000 and $500,000 per year

Project Duration: Up to five consecutive years

DAATSIA salary: Requested and/or awarded at one of five salary levels as specified in Table 11 of the Grant Guidelines. The DAATSIA salary is counted towards the $500,000 maximum level of funding per year

DAATSIA salary duration: Up to five consecutive years on a full-time basis. A DAATSIA may be undertaken on a part-time basis not exceeding eight consecutive years

Assessment Criteria

Investigator(s)/Capability – 35%

Project Quality and Innovation – 40%

Benefit – 15%

Mentoring and capacity building – 10%

Key Dates for Discovery Indigenous

Draft Project Description and Budget due to the Research Grants Team: 27 November 2023

Release of Grant Guidelines: To be advised

Applications open in the ARC RMS system: 22 November 2023

Request Not to Assess internal deadline: To be advised

Request Not to Assess Closes to the ARC: To be advised

Full draft due to the Research Grants Team: 29 September 2023

Final Applications due to the Research Grants Team: 31 January 2024

Applications Close to the ARC: 21 February 2024

Rejoinders:  To be advised

Anticipated Announcement:  24 September to 8 October 2024

Peer Review

Contact your Faculty ADR/Institute Director or Faculty/Institute Research Manager for advice on peer review programs.

ACU Library

Support for grant applications

ACU Library’s Impact Service can provide evidence of research performance which can be used in grant applications. They can also advise on Research Data Management Plans and Open Access requirements.

Researchers can request a consultation with a Senior Librarian by emailing the following:

Education and Arts – LibraryFEA@acu.edu.au

Health Sciences – LibrarySoAH@acu.edu.au

Law and Business – LibraryFLB@acu.edu.au

Theology and Philosophy – LibraryFTP@acu.edu.au

ACU eResearch

Support for grant applications

The ACU eResearch team can assist with:

  • Development of research data management plans
  • Development of estimates for the IT components of grant applications
  • Calculation of inā€kind contributions based on Intersect services, such as high performance computing (HPC) and consultation/advice
  • Advice on research data storage
  • Advice on research computing platforms
  • Advice on research tools and applications

The eResearch team can be contacted via email e.Research@acu.edu.au

Documents and Resources


ARC Discovery Indigenous webpage

Discovery Indigenous factsheet (PDF, 247KB)

Discovery Projects Grant Guidelines 2021 edition (PDF, 1.22MB)

Instructions to Applicants – (To be added when the scheme opens on November 22)

Sample Application Form - (To be added when the scheme opens on November 22)

Discovery Program Draft Grant Agreement - (To be added when the scheme opens on November 22)

Frequently Asked Questions – (To be added when the scheme opens on November 22)

RMS User Guide - Requesting and Maintaining an RMS User Account (PDF, 1.55MB)

RMS User Guide – Submitting an Application in RMS (PDF, 1.98MB)

RMS User Guide – Submitting a Request Not to Assess (PDF, 622MB)

Australian Government Science and Research Priorities

Medical Research Policy

Articulating National Interest in grant applications

ARC College of Experts


How to Submit a Project Registration Online Form (PROF) in Orion (PDF, 927KB)

Pre-Award Salaries Calculator (XLSX, 317KB)

ACU Academic Staff and Professional Staff salaries


As part of the ARC assessment process the assessment comments provided by external assessors are made available to applicants prior to the final assessments being conducted by the Selection Advisory Committee. The rejoinder process then allows applicants to respond to assessment comments made by external assessors.

ARC Rejoinder information

Instructions for accessing assessments and submitting your rejoinder text in RMS (PDF, 610KB)

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