Is this training for you?

This workshop is designed for staff and supervisors who are looking for ways to overcome challenges such as:

  • Focusing on operational matters at the expense of positive relationships with others;
  • Becoming emotionally consumed;
  • Personal biases are affecting decision making;
  • Behaviours falling short on a day to-day basis when it comes to building a high-performance, high trust environment.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced understanding of your own EQ and the impact of your skill level on the people around you;
  • Identification of emotional triggers and appropriate responses;
  • Improved business results by being aware of your own and others EQ.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Realise how emotional intelligence (EQ) affects business results;
  • Understand how emotional hijacking interferes with values and outcomes;
  • Recognise the five elements of EQ and learn skills to strengthen each one;
  • Analyse individual EQ and the impact of their skill level on those around them;
  • Identify their emotional triggers and apply techniques so they can respond effectively rather than react inappropriately.

CDF Competencies

  • Coach and Develop
  • Collaborate Effectively
  • Communicate with Impact


ACU in partnership with DDI

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Course code: 12047

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