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Something is happening in the background, and it’s got library staff just a little excited. We are moving to a new library management system on June 22. This move will mean all items saved in MyLibrary will be deleted.

 Loans History

Your loans history will disappear after June 15. It will not be reinstated in the new system. If you wish to keep a copy, sign in to MyLibrary, click on the Loans History link and print/save it.

My Basket

My Basket items will disappear after June 15. If you want to keep a copy, sign in to MyLibrary, go to the My Basket tab and use the Email, Print or Select How to Save drop-down and select one of the options (Push to EndNote Web, RefWorks or EndNote/RIS). You can then manually re-enter these details if you choose, after we move to the new system.

Saved Searches

Saved Searches will disappear after June 15. You will need to re-save searches after we move to the new system.

Also, from June 15, there will be no access to MyLibrary until the new system is up and running on June 22.

This means you will not be able to:

  • Renew loans
  • Place holds.

Please email the Library Electronic Services Team if you have any questions or concerns.

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