ACU-wide lecture capture upgrade

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What’s happening?
In collaboration with IT, the Learning for Life team will:

  • Replace the current lecture capture system (Echo360) with the upgraded Echo360 Active Learning Platform (Echo360 ALP), where available.
  • Equip an additional 400 learning spaces with lecture capture capabilities (hardware and software) across various campuses.

The university-wide upgrade from Echo360 (where currently available) to Echo360 ALP is scheduled to happen during the Christmas break 2016-2017.

From 28 November 2016 to 12 February 2017, approximately 300 learning and teaching spaces (where no lecture capture capabilities are currently available) across the Brisbane, Melbourne and North Sydney campuses will be equipped with lecture capture solutions, followed by the Adelaide, Ballarat and Strathfield campuses over the subsequent months.

Benefits to ACU
This implementation will place ACU at the forefront of lecture capture technology in Australia. Academics will no longer have to manually request and add their recordings to their LEO sites for each recorded lecture. When the upgrade is complete, all lecturers have to do is ‘link’ their LEO site to the first lecture recording - any further lectures will be then automatically linked. Appropriate instructions will be sent out to relevant staff in due course. Project technical lead Mr Paul Wagne said: “We are working to have this process fully automated. It’s very exciting”.

Graphic illustrating benefits of lecture capture upgrade.

Professional development for academics
Staff will be provided with training and ongoing support. Learning for Life will advise of training opportunities in due course.

Archiving of recorded lectures
The archiving of the existing recorded lectures (past four years) to the new cloud based storage will start in November 2016. Academics will be notified via email regarding their unit recordings prior to the migration exercise.

Ongoing communication
Learning for Life will ensure ongoing communication with all ACU staff on the important stages of this project.

Contact the project team
Should you have any question please contact the project facilitators: Michael Sobek or Cyntia Franco.
Michael Sobek
Cyntia Franco

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