LEO Guides for staff – What’s new?

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The NEW LEO (Learning Environment Online) guides for staff includes a range of support resources from the new user to the experienced user.

What’s new this week?

Working with groups and groupings

The Groups and Grouping functionality is useful if you want to make particular resources or activities available to different cohorts of students

Using Groups and Grouping means you can create a single instance of an activity and allow students to interact with it within their separate groups, as opposed to creating a new activity for each Group such as a forum.

To find out more about using Groups and Groupings, visit the following support guides.

LEO assignments

The LEO Assignment activity allows students to upload their assignments in a digital format. It accepts many different file formats, including Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF, images and online audio recording.

Some of the things to consider are when providing online marking and feedback are:

  • Do you want to review submissions online or offline?
  • Do you want to download each submission individually or all in one go?
  • Do you want to upload student submissions that include your feedback?
  • Do you want to record all the grades offline in a spreadsheet and then upload the grades in one go?
  • Do you want to use Gradebook to add quick grades and comments?

To find out more about LEO assignments go to:

Turnitin rubrics

Rubrics help assess how well a student has performed in a submitted assessment task across a range of competencies.

Turnitin GradeMark offers a suite of assessment tools used by markers to provide feedback such as comments Creating and attaching a Turnitin rubric to an assignment also allows markers to provide further feedback to the student and even associate comments to rubric criteria.

To find out more about creating and using Turnitin rubrics go to:

What’s coming soon?

More about Turnitin rubrics: how to import rubrics via the Excel template; how to share your rubrics with others in your team; what you will see when marking a Turnitin assignment; what students will see when viewing a rubric.

Also coming soon LEO upgrade to Moodle 3.1 What’s new?

Updates will be provided every fortnight.

The Learning and Teaching Centre is keen to know what you think about the new LEO Guides and we would like to hear from you.  To provide us with your feedback click on the ‘Feedback’ linklocated on the LEO guides page to help us improve our resources or email eLearning.LTC@acu.edu.au

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