Tackling the big issues - Who will take the White House in 2017?

Illustration of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing each other with banner below stating Election 2016

National School of Arts Series: Tackling the Big Issues

This semester the National School of Arts presents a short series of talks tackling some of the big social and political issues of 2016. Join us as we discuss the burning questions at the front of everyone’s minds.

The 2016 US Presidential Election

12 October, 1 to 2pm

Join ACU’s Associate Professor Michael Ondaatje and Associate Professor Brendan O’Connor from the University of Sydney’s US Studies Centre as they discuss one of the most peculiar elections in recent American history.

By focusing on key issues and demographics, the two candidates, the role of the media and what we can expect in the final month of the election, they’ll answer the question we’ve all been dying to know: Who will occupy the Oval Office come 2017? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Note: All times in AEDT

Videoconference dial-in number: 6133186

Level 5 - Video conference room 5.30 (Melbourne)

Meeting room 5.03 (Ballarat)

Meeting room AC.22 (Brisbane)

Meeting room 1.10 (Canberra)

Meeting room level 16 (North Sydney)

Meeting room VC Room 2.45 (Strathfield)

For more information, please contact

NSW: Melissa Bellanta (melissa.bellanta@acu.edu.au)

VIC: Mark Chou (mark.chou@acu.edu.au)

QLD: Maggie Nolan (marguerite.nolan@acu.edu.au)

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