Advancing our Catholic identity and mission

Image of ACU Vice President Father Anthony Casamento.

A message from the Vice President, Father Anthony Casamento:

The establishment of the Office of the Vice President by the University’s Senate at its recent meeting is an opportunity for our University to further strengthen and advance our Catholic identity and mission as we move forward according to the ACU Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

Under the Office of the Vice President, the new portfolio is comprised of Identity and Mission, Campus Ministry, ACU Engagement, the La Salle Academy for Faith Formation and Religious Education, Church Relations, Congregational (Holy See) Projects, Staff Formation, and the ACU Centre for Liturgy. Although much of the work remains the same as it was under the Director, Identity & Mission, this re-organisation closely aligns ourselves to the goal of strengthening ACU’s Catholic identity through academic excellence, the provision of a uniquely Catholic university experience and community engagement.

The Directorate of Identity and Mission articulates, promotes and communicates our Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition. The Directorate animates programs and activities that engage, celebrate, and support the University community’s development in and understanding of our Mission, Catholic identity and living traditions.

Through Staff Formation, our Catholic identity and mission is communicated to staff and stakeholders through a range of staff induction, ongoing formation and professional development programs that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the nature of Catholic higher education in general and the distinct Catholic identity and mission of ACU in particular.

Bringing our identity and mission alive on our campuses, to students and staff, is the work of Campus Ministry to encourage learning, care for the whole person, and foster the service of faith and promotion of the Gospel.

The La Salle Academy for Faith Formation and Religious Education also works to support and enhance the preparation of teachers and leaders by utilising the capacity, skills and commitment of those engaged in the ministry of Catholic education.

With the Vice-Chancellor’s role as a Consultor to the Congregation for Catholic Education, a number of key projects emerging from this role will fall under the responsibility of the Vice President to assist the Vice-Chancellor in these projects.  Through Church Relations, the Office of the Vice President also delivers advice and expertise to a variety of stakeholders in the Catholic Church on matters of public policy and ethics on behalf of ACU. On strategic issues of concern to the Church, this office helps to reposition the Church’s place in the public square and promote the Church’s response to complex social and political questions.

The Community Engagement directorate extends the University’s mission to the broader community through partnerships that enhance the wellbeing and dignity of people and their communities. This is achieved by harnessing the skills of staff and students as well as partner with business and social service organisations to empower marginalised communities and change lives.

As usual, my office is always open for any questions or your thoughts on how we can build on the strengths of this portfolio. I look forward to working together to foster an academic environment that cultivates intellectual and academic excellence, personal development and the advancement of the University’s Catholic identity and mission.

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