June 2017 Traffic Light Report Executive Summary

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Traffic Light Report Executive Summary and thank you to all staff who contributed to the June 2017 report.

The Traffic Light Report (TLR) provides an analysis of the University’s progress against the five Strategic Goals and 19 Key Result Areas in the ACU Strategic Plan 2015-2020, and is a key tool used to measure our performance against the University Performance Targets.

As at June 2017, there were 49 ‘Green’, 11 ‘Amber’ and zero ‘Red’ traffic light indicators, and an overview of the indicators by Strategic Goal can be found below:

Traffic Light Report Scorecard June 2017.

The TLR is a biannual report and forms an important part of our continuous planning cycle, as it is used to inform decision-making and support our future strategic and operational planning activities.

The previous reports are available on the OPSM SharePoint site, and please contact Sophie Dickinson (#2921) if you would like any further information on the report or the planning cycle.

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