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Did you know that cigarette butts are Australia’s most littered item and make up more than 45% of all ground litter?  Littered butts often find their way into waterways, where they leach their hazardous chemicals in our rivers and oceans.  Also, as Australia moves out of a dry winter season, appropriate disposal of butts is important for both caring for our environment and preventing fire hazards.

Are you a smoker? Pick up a personal ashtray

To keep our local neighbourhoods butt-free, the University is supplying free personal ashtrays to staff and students who smoke, so you can dispose of butts safely when you are on the go.  The reusable clip-on ashtray is portable and designed to fit easily into your pocket.  Measuring 8cm long and 1.5cm wide, the ashtray will hold around a dozen butts before it needs to be emptied.

See your local Concierge desk

Do your bit for the environment by visiting the Concierge desk at your campus and asking for a personal ashtray.

The introduction of personal ashtrays is part of ACU’s commitment to a supporting the Smoke Free Campus policy, which was introduced in 2015 to reduce the impact of smoking on students, staff and visitors. By carrying a personal ashtray, you can help ACU to have a positive impact on the environment and the local neighbourhood by reducing cigarette butt litter in the vicinity of ACU campuses.

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