ACU desk phone upgrade

ACU phone system upgrade will take place on Friday 17 August from 6.30pm to Saturday 18 August 12am. During this time staff desk phones and phones located in teaching spaces will become intermittent.

Our backend servers that control the CISCO telephone system are being upgraded to ensure these servers meet our cybersecurity requirements from any potential unauthorised access and attacks.

As part of this upgrade, we have replaced some phones in teaching space and in meeting rooms with a newer model phone, as they have reached the end of life for maintenance and support from our vendor. The new replacement phones will work the same way and the speed-dial features will remain unchanged.

Make alternative plans

If you are planning to make any phone calls on campus between 6.30pm to 12am on Friday night, please use a mobile phone. If you have any planned teleconference calls during this time please contact the Service Desk on 7272 so we can discuss alternate arrangements for you.

Staff safety is very important. If you need to contact security during the phone system upgrade please call ACU’s National Security Centre on 1300 729 452 via mobile phone or use the SafeZone app to contact the National Security Centre directly. Download the app to your mobile device at

For more information visit Emergency and Safety staff webpage.

Report an issue

If you have any issues with your desk phone after the upgrade, please let IT know by reporting this issue. Go to the IT Service Portal and select ‘Fix Something’ (incident category – Mobile or Desk phone).

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