The Idea of a Catholic University in Queensland

A message from the Associate Vice-Chancellor Queensland, Professor Jim Nyland:


Can I join my peers in recent weeks in wishing you a warm welcome back to the start of this new academic year.

The next few years are already shaping up to be a challenging time for Australian universities following the Commonwealth’s decision to slam the sector into reverse gear by freezing government funding at last year’s level.

Whilst we are better positioned than many, all universities are affected to some degree as they try to pull focus beyond the demand driven system.  It is within this context of uncertainty that our values and Catholic identity, together with a clear understanding of why we are here and why we choose to do the things we do, become paramount.

I hope the account of the University’s presence in Brisbane serves as a useful reminder of the historical formation of our cultural identity and the truly outstanding achievements by the entire ACU Queensland community over generations (apologies in advance to any ‘long stayers’ who have lived through the University’s presence on multiple sites and may have a different recollection of experiences and events – please be gentle with me).

Click here to read the full account of ACU's presence in Brisbane.

Professor Jim Nyland
Associate Vice-Chancellor Queensland

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