IT Service Portal – new services and improving usability

Earlier this year, we released the new IT Service Portal to improve how staff can request and access IT services. The new portal delivers many improvements and benefits for staff:

  • improved ability to access IT services in a single location 24/7
  • increased visibility of your IT requests and their progress
  • improved communication and response times to resolve IT requests
  • access to knowledge base of more than 120 IT articles and videos to help resolve common IT problems
  • ability to download and install software automatically
  • faster turnaround of IT service requests and resolution of issues
  • new ways to provide feedback to help us make continuous improvements

So far, we’ve received overwhelming positive staff feedback with 92 per cent of staff using the new portal reported high to very high levels of customer satisfaction. Staff feedback shows the portal is helping to deliver an excellent experience for staff. 

As part of IT’s service improvement and service excellence strategy, we are continuing to develop and improve the IT Service Portal by:

  • delivering more than 70 new services to the portal over the coming year
  • improving the usability of the portal
  • making new service improvements
  • move to single sign-on to make login access more seamless

Usability study

To help us get ready for this large volume of work, we are inviting staff to be part of a card sorting exercise to help us better organise the content on the IT Service Portal – so you can easily find the services you require.

We are calling up to 60 staff to participate in a card sort exercise to improve the IT Service Portal usability and ‘Request Something’ categorisation.

The online card sorting activity will be held from Monday 18 June is open until 22 June. It is very quick to complete, it will only take 10 to 15 minutes and you can do this at any time of day.

Register your interest, please email

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