Logging IT requests

In February, we released the new IT Service Portal to improve how staff can request and access IT services. The new portal delivers many improvements and benefits for staff and staff feedback shows the portal is helping to deliver an excellent experience for staff.

Through the portal, we can collect all the relevant information about your request and allocate it to the right team, which will enable a faster resolution, as well as provide you greater visibility of your request and its progress.

To help with this transition, we have requested staff to go to the IT Service Portal to submit their request or issue. To ensure all staff requests and issues get logged in the IT Service Portal, we have also monitored and actioned all emails sent to the Service Desk during this time.

From 1 July the Service Desk will not action any emails sent to the Service Desk inbox.

We encourage you to log all your IT requests via the IT Service Portal. This will help us to streamline our services and to resolve your request more efficiently.

You may still contact us on 07 3623 7272.

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