Improving HR data and processes

A message from the Chief Operating Officer, Dr Stephen Weller.

Human Resources has implemented a new HR and payroll system (Aurion) that supports and enables the University’s changing needs.  Aurion improves staff access to their employee information via Staff Connect. It also gives staff and supervisors access to a range of HR forms and processes, improved workflows and enhanced data management.

I encourage you to log into Staff Connect and explore the new look and functionality.  A number of processes have been streamlined and digitised within the new system including:

  • Claims for overtime, shift allowances, mileage and toll reimbursement
  • Management of fixed-term contracts and variation to contract arrangements
  • Management of incremental progression, probation, higher duties and separation/resignation processes.

User support is available on the Staff Connect support web page, which will continue to be updated as new resources are added. You can also seek support via HR at or (02) 9701 4222.

A streamlined system to improve service

Integrating ACU’s HR and payroll data into one cloud-based online solution supports service excellence by enabling anytime access to users, from anywhere and on any device.  The introduction of Aurion represents a milestone achievement in the ongoing story of adaptation and service enhancement.

A timeline of improvements:

1991 – When ACU was first federated from four Catholic colleges, an investment was made to consolidate all payrolls into a single national system (MicroPay) by 1998.

2003 – The PayGlobal system was introduced in response to growing business needs and to enable the management of data within the University.

2018 - Aurion is the latest investment that will improve HR data management and service delivery.

Enabling a successful transition has been no small task, as PayGlobal:

  • has managed over 40,000 personnel records since its introduction,
  • processes close to 95,000 payroll payments per year and an average of over 3,500 payroll payments per fortnight, and
  • handles equally as many superannuation payments per fortnight, along with deductions and disbursements.

That’s a lot of records and data, and a lot of checks and balances to ensure a successful transition into Aurion. After eighteen months of planning, I thank HR staff for their efforts and for the compression of work over the last several months to ensure that Aurion is tested and implemented smoothly.

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Your feedback is important

HR will continue to develop their system to align to the University’s changing needs. HR will introduce and improve functionality, processes and workflows in Staff Connect in 2018/2019, to remove almost all HR paper-based forms.

Your feedback is crucial to supporting these continuous improvements to Staff Connect.  As articulated in the Service Excellence Framework, our services must be user-friendly, and this means listening to our users.

I encourage your comments, suggestions and feedback via the Staff Connect Updates group on Workplace.

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