Service Central Q&A with Stephania Costa

Senior HR Officer Stephania Costa is one of the many faces behind Service Central. We asked Stephania a few questions about how she has contributed to Service Central and how it’s improved the way we deliver staff services.

Q. How have you contributed to the development of Service Central?

A. I worked collaboratively with the Service Central project team and external partner RXP for several months prior to the launch of Service Central. I provided HR input and contributions as part of the initial development and build of Service Central. This included developing HR knowledge articles for the comprehensive Service Central knowledgebase and designing the HR online Service Central forms. This required extensive consultation across HR and with users on the organisation of the HR service catalogue within Service Central to ensure it was robust and met our user’s needs. This was a really busy and exciting time as HR was one of two directorates to launch Service Central on 9 November 2018.

Q. What role do you play in relation to Service Central now?

A. HR has an ongoing relationship with the Service Central team, and my role ensures we maintain and continuously improve HR-related services within Service Central, including maintaining and growing the knowledgebase and improving forms and processes. HR and ACU staff feedback have been instrumental in shaping our improvements in Service Central.

Q. How has Service Central changed the way HR delivers services and information to staff?

A. Most importantly, it provides the option of staff being able to self help and find answers to common HR questions in a really simple way. It has removed the guess work of who to contact if you have a query.

The Service Central portal has also provided staff with complete transparency of where their query or request is up to, who is dealing with it, and when they can expect to receive a response, which was previously missing.

Q. What do you see as the biggest benefit of the introduction of Service Central for you or your team as service providers?

A. The biggest benefit has been the visibility of our work activity and the tools to make it easier to manage our work. The availability of ServiceNow activity data to identify patterns and trends has also been extremely helpful.

It is always great to receive feedback from Service Central that is informed by staff, as it reinforces the things that are working well and areas to focus on for improvement.

Q. What’s been the biggest benefit for you as a service recipient?

A. Being able to track my requests and use the portal to communicate with the service provider.

Q. What’s your favourite element of Service Central?

A. It is really straight-forward and easy to use.

Stephania Costa

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