ACU launches new podcast

ACU last week launched Thinking Philosophy, a podcast exploring the research of our philosophers.

The podcast will offer the general public, including future students and anyone interested in philosophy, a chance to hear ACU philosophers explaining their research and the importance of philosophy, in an appealing and accessible format.

Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes,  Podbean or Soundcloud and don’t forget to review it and to share it on your own social networks so others can find it.

In the first episode, Everyone’s Responsibility, Associate Professor Stephanie Collins explores the very current issue of the relationship between group and individual responsibility, an issue impacting our daily lives as we self-isolate to protect the community from coronavirus.

Future episodes, to be released weekly, will include:

  • Dr Sam Baron on Why Physics Needs Philosophy
  • Dr David Newheiser on Embracing Doubt
  • When Utilitarianism Fails
  • Dr Tyler Paytas on Ethics Beyond Emotions
  • Dr Stewart Braun on The Moral Cost of Inheritance
  • Dr David Kirchhoffer on Finding Human Dignity
  • Dr Jamie Parr on Facing Suffering
  • Dr Steve Matthews on Dilemmas of Dementia
  • Associate Professor Bernadette Tobin on Life and Death Ethics

The podcast is the work of ACU Communications Lead in Humanities and Social Sciences Deborah Stone, with the support of Faculty of Theology and Philosophy Acting Marketing Manager Nadine Maiolla, producers Amiel Matthews and Treherne Karunaratne, technology support officer Al Noveloso, social platform specialist Ben Marshall and designer Elizabeth Koudsy.

Thanks to Executive Dean Professor Dermot Nestor and Associate Dean Dr Richard College, for their support and funding of the project and, most of all, thanks to the philosophers who gave generously of their time and insights.

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