Next steps for OneDrive and H drives

A few weeks ago, we told you we were going to be copying all staff H:\ drive files into OneDrive for Business. We hope you’ve been enjoying accessing your files online from anywhere, anytime, any device – without the VPN.

We’re almost finished copying everyone’s files into their OneDrive – but we’re not done yet. To make it easier to know where to save and edit files, we will be gradually switching H:\ drives into Read Only mode.

H:\ drives will then be decommissioned entirely.

This will happen in three stages.

Stage one: Copy All H:\ drive files into OneDrive – Complete by 17 April.

Stage two: Gradually switch H:\ drives into Read Only mode – From 20 April to 06 May.

Stage three: Decommission and switch off H:\ drives – 6-7 June.

When will my H:\ drive be switched off?

H:\ drives will go to read-only mode three weeks from the date we copied the files to OneDrive. You will receive service advisories letting you know when your department is due to go.

After the change, you will still be able to view and copy your files but you will no longer be able to edit them.

If you have made changes to files in your H:\ drive since we copied them to OneDrive – don’t worry. We will be synchronising any changes into OneDrive so it will have the latest version.

All H:\ drives across ACU will be switched off over the weekend of 6-7 June.

We know you have questions we can’t cover in a bulletin, so please read our FAQs.

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