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Web Room Booker or Outlook?

Outlook will soon become the only tool you need for booking non-teaching spaces at ACU, so you won't need to book meetings in two places (Web Room Booker and Outlook).

A non-teaching space is any meeting room within ACU that is not used for teaching purposes.

All teaching spaces (including the Strathfield Playing Fields at the Strathfield Campus) will still need to be booked through the Web Room Booker application. Please continue to work with Timetabling Liaison Officers to book teaching spaces.

Introducing Robin

Robin is an Outlook add-in which, using a handy dashboard interface, allows you to:

  • book a meeting from Outlook on any device
  • view an image of the meeting room you want to book
  • request room amenities and catering.
Robin button
The facts
  • Teaching spaces will remain in Web Room Booker and will be managed by Timetabling.
  • All non-teaching space Web Room Booker bookings will be transferred to Outlook.
  • Using the Robin application is optional if you are making a standard booking, but you can use it to request catering, IT support, or Properties and Facilities staff to attend.
  • You can use Robin to search room capabilities (e.g. capacity, video conferencing).
  • If you know the room you want to use, invite the room as normal using the Location field in Outlook. If you don’t know which room to book, you can choose to use Robin to help you search for appropriate rooms.
Keeping you informed
  • You’ll get Service Advisory emails, Workplace updates, and Staff Bulletin notifications.
  • Join IT Updates on Workplace to get the latest updates, tips and tricks.

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