Easy access to our COVID-19 FAQs

We’re introducing a link to our COVID-19 FAQs in this bulletin to help you stay across the most recent ACU advice as the Coronavirus situation rapidly evolves.

ACU is monitoring changes closely in all states and territories, and we will continue to provide the necessary information and guidance to staff and students.

These communications include regular emails from the Recovery Management Team, as well as information on the COVID-19 FAQs pages. These FAQs provide a central, frequently updated source of information and advice relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, for the benefit of our community.

So you can easily access these, from next week we will include a ‘Covid-19 FAQs’ link in this bulletin. As shown below, this will appear in the top right-hand menu, below the link to ‘Workplace’.


From the COVID-19 FAQs main page, which you can also access from the alert bar at the top of the ACU website, you can find important information including:

  • FAQs for staff, students, researchers and future students
  • all past ACU communications to staff and students, including emails and video messages
  • our COVID-19 self-assessment guide
  • medical advice and reporting.

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