Meeting invitations in Outlook

In order to lessen the amount of emails and unnecessary meeting update notifications, Outlook automatically processes changes in meetings without notifying all the attendees.

This means that updates such as changing text in the body of the invitation or adding or removing attachments may not result in a notification to attendees.

Attendees will ONLY be notified of changes in the below scenarios.

  • The update contains a change to the meeting date, time, or recurrence pattern (eg fortnightly to monthly).
  • The meeting message is received for a delegated shared calendar.
  • The receiving attendee is @ mentioned in the meeting body.
  • The attendee has not yet responded to the meeting.
  • The location is changed.
  • Any change is made within 15 minutes of the meeting start time.
What you can do

If your changes are important and must be received by attendees, you can:

  • @ mention them in the meeting body (eg @Jane Doe).
  • Email attendees directly with the changes.

If the meeting is a Teams meeting, you may also like to send a message to attendees using the meeting chat in Teams.

To access this:

  1. Open Calendar in Teams.
  2. Click on the meeting item.
  3. From the window that appears, click Chat with participants.

As a result, this opens the meeting chat and you can share your message with all participants.

Microsoft does not currently provide an option for organisers to choose whether updates are sent, which means staff have a consistent notification experience. After a meeting update has been automatically processed, the email notification will be moved directly to the Deleted Items folder.

Read more about using Outlook calendar in this Service Central Knowledgebase article.


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