Changes to student policies for 2020

Changes to a number of student policies were approved by Academic Board and the Vice-Chancellor which take effect in 2020.

Academic Regulations

A new regulation specifies enrolment constraints for international students in online units as required by the ESOS National Code, Standard 8.
Changes to results based on a student appeal can now only be made based on a formal application for appeal and a new regulation reinstates the authority for an Executive Dean to change a result after 6-months and up to two years.
Terminology changes and structural improvements have been made to the Academic Progress regulations.A student's academic performance will be assessed at the completion of biannual progression review periods and their status will either be satisfactory, unsatisfactory; or terminated.The triggers for progressing through the process have been simplified and the requirements for managing students through the at risk and show cause processes are more detailed.

Admission to Coursework Programs Policy – Schedule 3

The minimum English requirements for applicants who submit the Pearson Test of English (PTE) have been updated due to changes to the PTE Academic English concordance scores.
All domestic and international applicants for Nursing courses must demonstrate the necessary minimum English language proficiency requirements prior to enrolment, as per the Registered Nurse Accreditation Standards 2019.
The minimum IELTS for admission into the Bachelor of Speech Pathology has been increased to an IELTS score of 8.0 for each component.

Dealing with Instances of Fraudulent Information Policy

The name of the Policy has been changed and the term 'Fraudulent information' has been adopted as collective term for the different types of documents/information.
The disclosure of information to Authorities, Regulators or relevant professional accrediting bodies will need to be assessed on a case by case basis with reference to ACU's privacy obligations.
A penalty can now be applied by the Academic Registrar where the case has been substantiated through the initial investigation.New penalties are also available where a student has been found to have provided fraudulent information that relates directly to a unit.

Independent Review of Student Appeals and Complaints Policy

• The term 'Independent Reviewer' has been adopted for the role formerly titled the University Visitor.Conditions for the appointment of the Independent Reviewer are now specified.

The Academic Registrar is now responsible for undertaking a procedural assessment prior to referral to the Independent Reviewer who will make the decision to investigate.Exclusions to the scope of matters which can be considered and the conditions for proceeding to investigate have been expanded. Students will now be notified once the decision to investigate has been made by the Independent Reviewer.
The circumstances under which the enrolment of students must be maintained pending the decision of either the Independent Reviewer or an external jurisdiction are specified.An Executive Dean now has the authority to preclude a student from enrolling in particular units while the outcome of their independent review is pending.

Guidelines for Honours Programs

To be eligible for entry to an Honours program a student must now have a minimum GPA of 5.5 (previously GPA of 5.75).

Special Consideration Procedures

A formal procedure for special consideration under the Assessment Policy has been developed which replaces the guidelines previously included on the Special Consideration form.

Detailed briefing notes on the changes to the following policies were sent to stakeholders by email.  Any interested staff who have not received them and would like to receive more detailed information on the changes to any or all of the policies below should contact Kerry Blair or Catherine McKiver.

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