Important update to Core Curriculum

Students are now able to choose their two Core Curriculum coursework units from either the Catholic Social Thought (UNCC) or Philosophy (PHIL) streams. Eligibility restrictions concerning the Philosophy units have now been removed.

Student choice

This means that in addition to the completion of their community engagement unit, students now simply select from the following.

one unit from:

  • UNCC100: Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society
  • PHIL102: Theories of Human Nature
  • PHIL104: Introduction to Ethics


one unit from:

  • UNCC300: Justice and Change in a Global World
  • PHIL320: Justice and the Good Society
What is the difference between the streams?

The two UNCC units (UNCC100 and UNCC300) focus specifically on applying the principles of Catholic social thought, such as the dignity of the human person, solidarity, the common good, rights and responsibilities, and stewardship of the earth.

Catholic Social Thought has informed the development of universal approaches to human rights and justice in the 20th and 21st centuries. It is closely aligned with the most fundamental principles of many of the world's religions and has influenced the codes of practice for many of our professions.

The three Philosophy units (PHIL102, PHIL104, PHIL320) also draw students into thinking about major issues of relevance to the Catholic tradition of social thought, but they do so by dealing more basically with questions about what it means to be human, sources of ethics and applied moral reasoning, and theories concerning what a good and just society is and looks like.

These units also give students the opportunity to engage in reflection and discussion about major contemporary issues, and training in broad critical thinking skills applicable to a range of professions.

Further information

Details on all ACU's Core Curriculum units can be found on either the student Core Curriculum website or staff Core Curriculum website.

For further information please email Professor Raymond Younis, Lead Academic Core Curriculum or email Dr Richard Colledge, FTP Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching).

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