Enrolment update

I am pleased to provide you with an update on enrolments for ACU for 2020.  ACU has exceeded its targets for 2020 which is a significant achievement for so early in the semester.

As at 25 February 2020, the university has exceeded total enrolment targets by 85.50 EFTSL (0.3 per cent) with a total load of 25,271 EFTSL against a target of 25,185.50 EFTSL. This is 210.25 EFTSL (0.8 per cent) above total load achieved last year.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is 3.4 per cent above targets and the Faculty of Education and Arts is 1.5 per cent behind targets.

International enrolments have largely contributed to our strong Semester 1 2020 outcome with total fee-paying overseas load 9.5 per cent above target. Total CSP commencing targets have been exceeded by 1.3 per cent, while total fee-paying domestic continuing load is 19.8 per cent above targets.

Despite the Cliff Year in Queensland, targets for the Brisbane Campus have already been exceeded by 0.7 per cent or 34 EFTSL. Total CSP load in Brisbane is 20.49 EFTSL above targets, with both commencing and continuing targets met. Fee-paying overseas and fee-paying domestic targets have also been exceeded by 13.46 EFTSL and 11.81 EFTSL, respectively. 

As Chair of the Queensland Enrolments and Cliff Year Committee I would like to recognise the significant work undertaken over the past five years by the members of the committee to mitigate issues associated with this smaller cohort of school leavers (the 'Cliff Year').  Many thanks to the faculties and marketing for their continued hard work and the achievements with these enrolments at our Brisbane Campus.

International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) Task Force for Women in Leadership

Recently I was privileged to be invited to participate in the IFCU Task Force for Women in Leadership, held in Paris on Monday 10 February.  The team consists of twelve senior executives from leading Catholic universities from across the globe.

IFCU has established the Task Force for Women Leadership (TWL) under the direction of IFCU President, Professor Isabel Capeloa Gil, who advises it was formed “with the aim of studying, analyzing, proposing programs and measures to support women’s careers and …to acknowledge the contribution of women leaders [in] Catholic HEI’s.  Our purpose is to know, to analyze and to act”. The first meeting of the task force took place on the beautiful campus of the Institute Catholique de Paris (ICP).

Each member of the TWL was invited to give a ten-minute presentation on topics related to women’s leadership in Catholic higher education. 

Discussion included: a need for a biblical understanding of women’s leadership and the importance of senior administrators acting as mentors for future women leaders; the importance of women being highly qualified for administrative posts was emphasized as well as the benefits of support systems within institutions when visions of leadership among administrators are at odds; familial, educational, religious and other aspects of society that have an impact on female leadership were also presented.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Professor Capeloa Gil shared a review of data gleaned from previous studies of women in leadership roles in Catholic higher education institutions and plans for an in-depth research project to be carried out in phases in the near future.  The work of this task force will continue in 2020.

IFCU Taskforce

IFCU Taskforce for Women Leadership pictured from left to right: 

1. Prof. Peta Sanderson –Pro-Vice Chancellor, International Affairs, University of Notre Dame Australia

2. Prof Romina Cavalli – Vice Rector Academic Affairs, Universidad del Salvador, Argentina

3. Dr. Ordetta Mendoza – Former Head, PG Dept. of Bioinformatics, Stella Maris College (Autonomous), India

4. Prof. Maria Amália Pie Abib Andrey – Rector, PUC- Sao Paulo, Brazil

5. Prof. Pauline Nugent – Provost, Australian Catholic University

6. Mme. Edith Lassiat, High-level coach for women’s career advancement, France

7. Prof. Isabel Capeloa Gil – IFCU P resident, Rector, Catholic University of Portugal

8. Prof. Irma Becerra – President Marymount University, United States

9. Prof. Ines Sabotic – Vice Rector Academic Affairs, Catholic University of Croatia

10. Prof. Annick Sartenaer – Université of Namur, Belgium

11. Prof. Anne Therese Falkenstein, S.P., Special Assistant to the President and Trustee, Providence University, Taiwan

Not pictured:

12. Prof. Chantal Beauvais – Rector, Saint Paul University, Canada

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