Stop, and think about safety at home

Are you currently working from your home office, back deck, or kitchen table?

Regardless of where we’re doing our work, always think about ‘safety first’.

Take these steps for a safe workspace at home or wherever you are working:

  • Clear the clutter – slips trips and falls are one of the most common causes of workplace injuries, even when working at home. Remove obstacles, including electrical cords, from your workspace and secure items which are above you.
  • Focus on ergonomics - take a look at our Working Efficiently and Safely presentation for guidance about setting up your workstation in an ergonomic way and trouble shooting fatigue.
  • Check your equipment – it’s always important to ensure your smoke alarm is functioning and that you do not overload power boards.
  • Invest in your wellbeing.
  • Building breaks into your day and burning energy.
  • Take the time to complete our checklist
How to access support if you are injured

If you are impacted by a work-related injury or illness, even if you are working remotely, be sure to talk to your nominated supervisor  and lodge an incident report in riskware.

You should also obtain a workers compensation medical certificate, from your GP, if you need to submit a workers compensation claim and visit Service Central.

Needing more?

Access the resources below for more information. Join the conversation in our Working Remotely group on Workplace and keep an eye on the Staff Bulletin in the coming weeks for useful information on safety and wellbeing.

  • ACU Sport – for on-demand workouts to build into your daily schedule
  • Incidents, injuries, and hazards – how to information covering all the questions you might have about reporting and managing riskware reports (normally managed by nominated supervisors).
  • Safety Hub – available 24/7 to view safety videos, explore ergonomics, and improve your manual handling skills.
  • Real Time Health – explore resources that will help you and the people that you care about to respond to a range of complex health conditions.
  • Log a riskware report– help and reference guide.
Show off your set up

Show off your workspace set up at home on the Working Remotely group or share your tips to get an ideal set up

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