What’s next for the MFA roll-out?

As outlined in a previous edition of the Staff Bulletin, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is coming soon to ACU.

In case you missed it, MFA is a simple extra step to identify yourself when logging into a system remotely from outside the ACU network. MFA will be implemented with a few select ACU systems before expanding to others.

Find out more on the MFA SharePoint page.

Here’s what you need to know about MFA

MFA will be rolled out by directorates/faculties in two stages. You’ll receive a Service Advisory email when you’re entering each stage so please pay attention to your email.

Stage 1 – Enrolment

The first week will be an enrolment period.

Enrolling means setting up your device to receive authentication prompts.

There are two ways to receive authentication prompts: MS Authenticator App and SMS. ACU strongly recommends you set up MS Authenticator as the main authenticator and receive SMS as backup.

MFA screenshotFor the first week, you’ll be prompted to enrol whenever you log into the systems using MFA (ie Office 365, Zoom, Workplace, Tech One and SWOOP Analytics).

You’ll be able to dismiss this prompt for the first week so you can choose to enrol at a more convenient time.

But we encourage you to enrol as soon as you receive the first prompt so you’re ahead of the game for Stage 2.

MFA will be enforced on your account the day after you register. When this happens, you’ll need to re-authenticate on all affected applications on each device (eg phone, computer) the next time you’re off the network.

Stage 2 – Enforcement

In week two, MFA will be enforced, even if you haven’t registered yet. When this happens, you’ll no longer be able to dismiss the prompt to register and you’ll need to enrol your device before proceeding. This will happen whether you’re on or off the network.

Enrol early in Stage 1 to make sure you’re not caught out in Stage 2.

Remember: You’ll only need to use MFA to log in to Office 365, Zoom, Workplace, Tech One and SWOOP Analytics when you’re not on the ACU network. ‘Off the ACU network’ means not on campus and not connected to the VPN.

Need help?

  • Give Service Central a call or raise a ticket with ‘MFA’ in the title for assistance with any of the systems mentioned.
  • Campus IT Support can also lend a hand if you need them.
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