Workplace outage Thursday 5pm to 7pm and log-in changes

This Thursday, from 5pm - 7pm, IT will be making some changes to the way staff log-in to Workplace. These changes will enable important cyber security features.

What will I notice after the change?

Once the upgrade work is complete, your Workplace log-in experience will be different.

Before the change

Previously, when you logged into Workplace, you would enter your username and password on one page.

ACU login 1

After the change

After this change, you will be asked for your ACU username on the first page and redirected to a second screen branded in ACU colours that will ask you for your ACU password only (that is, you will only need to enter your username once).

two logins

After this initial log-in under the new process, Workplace will remember you and you will not need to enter all your details each time. You can also choose to remain logged-in so you don’t have to log in as often.

Stay signed in

What will happen during the change?

From 5pm - 7pm on Thursday 14 May you will experience difficulty logging into Workplace.

Access to Workplace with be restored after this work is complete.

If you experience any difficulties with access after this work is complete, please  Log an IT issue via Service Central.

Thanks for your support and co-operation during the migration process. 

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