Changes for Performance Review and Planning

ACU is responding to your feedback that the Performance Review and Planning (PRP) process needed to be improved. Through the ongoing development of our HR/Payroll system, Aurion, we are designing and improving several processes, one of these being Performance Review and Planning (PRP).

What this means for you

The current paper-based PRP will be replaced with a Progress Plan in Staff Connect – this will have significant benefits, as follows:

  • The Progress Plan moves away from the annual approach to an ongoing approach throughout your period of employment.
  • The format and structure enables the interaction and conversation between the staff member and the supervisor.
  • The Progress Plan links supporting resources (learning opportunities, Capability and Development Framework, Academic Performance Matrices and Evidence Framework, Service Excellence Framework, Code of Conduct etc) allowing for ease of reference.
  • Pre-population of data reduces duplication of effort and greater quality, accessibility and usability of the data gathered.
  • The Progress Plan is hosted within Staff Connect; therefore, the format, design and workflow will be like many other employment related forms and processes that you engage with in Staff Connect.

Overall, this supports a greater user experience, improves the process, saves time and results in quality outcomes and greater engagement.

Where are we at?

A number of participants across the university helped pilot the Progress Plan pilot throughout September and October.

Participants tested the Progress Plan in Staff Connect and supporting resources. The feedback received was largely positive and constructive and has supported refinement of the designed Progress Plan.

A university wide roll-out is anticipated for February 2021. There will be a period of transition from the paper-based form to Staff Connect. Training will be provided prior to the roll-out and ongoing for a period of time.

The best way to keep informed is by joining the Workplace groups Staff Connect Updates and Human Resources Updates.


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