New protocol and updates to HR policies

The full list of recently updated HR policies and summary of the changes made to each is available in the tables below. A new Death in Service Protocol has also been developed and is in place to help staff to respond when notified of a death of an ACU employee.

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New protocol

The following new protocol and standard operating procedure have recently been developed:

Death in Service Protocol

Developed to enable staff to respond quickly and sensitively when advised of the death of an ACU employee, as well as identifying key roles and responsibilities.

Death in Service Standard Operating Procedure

For internal HR use only. Lists the steps required to be undertaken by key staff members in the event of the death of an ACU employee.

Updated HR policies

The following policies have recently been updated as follows:

Incremental Progression for Academic Staff and Incremental Progression and Salary Review for Professional Staff

All unpaid leave to defer increment with the exception of no deferral of increment for the initial two-year period of paid and/or unpaid Parental Leave.

Staff Complaints Management Policy

  • Revised definition of a workplace complaint
  • Procedures to be undertaken in raising and dealing with a workplace complaint
  • Inclusion of item 5.6 External Assistance advising staff of additional support and assistance available in relation to a workplace complaint.

Leave Without Pay Policy

All unpaid leave without pay will defer the date of an incremental progression.

RPRP Guidelines

Inclusion of revised meaning of a workplace complaint in line with Staff Complaints Management Policy.

Reimbursement of Actual Expenses Policy


Overtime for Professional Staff Policy


Meals Allowance During Overtime Policy

Accommodation and meal rates updated as per ATO Ruling 2020/5. Information relating to UBER as preferred staff transportation included in Reimbursement of Actual Expenses Policy.


More information

The updated documents are available on the policies and procedure page of the ACU website.

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