Improving campus safety

See how our new and revised Work Health and Safety Management procedures are enhancing the university’s processes for managing electrical risks, high-risk activities such as working at heights, plant and equipment, and contractor licenses and registrations.

Staff working alone on campus are encouraged to download and activate the SafeZone app to notify security and access support.

We are supporting work areas to participate in design processes that inform safer and ‘fit for purpose’ facilities, while collaborating and consulting with contractors about safety issues.

The WHSMS procedures, worksheets and forms (listed below), have been through consultation with the WHS Management Committee, Campus WHS Committees, and the ACU Staff Consultative Committee (ACUSCC). Following the consultation period, the procedures were updated where relevant and have been approved by the Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Greg Craven.

The new and updated documents are available on the policies and procedures pages of the ACU website or the your safety and wellbeing HR webpage.


WHSMS policy, procedure or form What has been revised?
WHSMS Health and Air Monitoring Procedure
  • Includes processes for monitoring noise exposure and documents the university’s procedures for confirming that air condition systems are free of legionella hazards.
  • Engages staff about documenting health monitoring requirements within WHS risk assessments.
  • Reinforces that health monitoring should never be used as a substitute for assessing and managing risk.


WHSMS policy, procedure or form An overview of the new procedures  
WHSMS Lone Working Procedure
  • Supports staff and nominated supervisors to collaborate whenever a staff member is working alone ‘on campus’ or remotely.
  • Describes the process for activating the SafeZone app ‘lone worker’ functionality, to support staff whenever they are working alone on an ACU campus.
  • Stresses the importance of managing the risks that can be associated with working alone and accessing first aid, medical and security support.
WHSMS Safety in Design Procedure and associated WHS Design Risk Register (worksheet) 
  • Supports work areas to participate in design workshops to ensure that new and renovated facilities are informed by their needs.
  • Guides work areas through considering the range of hazards that can be removed from new or renovated facilities to reduce potential injuries and illnesses.
  • Supports decision-makers to contribute to the creation of safer and ‘fit for purpose’ work and learning facilities.

WHSMS Contractor Management Procedure
  • Reinforces that work areas should assess and manage contractor risks, and engage these business partners about issues which may impact them or our campus communities.
  • Reinforces that safety and wellbeing incidents and hazards, which impact contractors, should be reported and managed via riskware
  • Supports contractors to contribute to our consultation processes and the safety of our campuses.
WHSMS High-Risk Activities Management Procedure and associated permits
  • Supports work areas to reduce the risk of significant falls by considering alternatives to ladders while working at height, and to identify and manage the risks which are associated with working above ground.
  • Documents the university’s processes for collaborating with contractors to work at height and within confined spaces, safely remove asbestos, reduce fire hazards and ensure defective plant and equipment is isolated/not used.
WHSMS Plant and Equipment Procedure
  • Documents the university’s process for ensuring the use of the plant is informed by risk assessments and risk management practices.
  • Details how the university’s plant and equipment is maintained to reduce potential injuries, injuries and other threats.
WHSMS Managing Electrical Risks Procedure
  • Outlines the university’s processes for inspecting and testing electrical equipment, and ensuring that defective items are not used. 
  • Supports ACU to reduce the risk of electrical injuries by specifying the electrical equipment that will not be used.
WHSMS Contractor Licences and Registration Procedure
  • Documents the university’s processes for ensuring that our contractors have appropriate insurance coverage and competencies to contribute to our safe campuses and access medical and wage support whenever they are impacted by work-related injuries and illness.


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