SELT survey reports for quality assurance and enhancement

The Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) survey data, collected in the first-half cycle of this year, was finalised and reported at Course Registration Number (CRN) level and CRN-Teacher level in August.

Usually, all SELT reports are only accessible to relevant Executive Deans, Associate Deans - Learning and Teaching (ADLTs) or equivalents, and Heads of School (HoSs).

For the first-half cycle of this year, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Innovation), Professor Zlatko Skrbis, authorised a modified reporting process for Semester 1 and other non-standard study periods. This was to alleviate staff concerns regarding the possible impact of the COVID-19 situation on student feedback and the largely online teaching delivery. This excludes Summer Term and Professional Term 1.

Respective individual staff teaching in units were given access to their own reports that contained data from all parts of SELT surveys. SELT reports at CRN level only (ie Part A quantitative data together with student comments on units) were made available to the respective Executive Deans, ADLTs and HoSs.

SELT Part A reports containing student feedback on unit aspects are primarily to support quality assurance processes in ACU, such as unit/course reviews for ongoing/continuous improvement and course accreditation.

There are other instances where staff may require access to Part A reports for quality enhancement and/or quality assurance. For example, a new Lecturer in Charge (LiC) or a staff member who was the LiC but was not identified as teaching in a unit, and therefore did not have access to the SELT report for that unit.

SELT reports at CRN level

SELT Part A reports (student response to rating-type questions one to five) can be shared with:

  • relevant Course Coordinators, Lecturers in Charge and others (lecturers/tutors) teaching in the unit, if they did not have access to such information through their own SELT reports for the unit
  • committees or working groups for unit/course review and course accreditation purposes.

Sharing student comments about the unit(s) needs additional care, since students may have identified specific teachers. Therefore, the sharing of any written student feedback should be on a ‘need to know’ basis only.

SELT reports at CRN-Teacher level

LTC strongly recommends that all individual staff who received access to their own SELT reports download and safe the reports for future reference. Student feedback on aspects of an individual’s teacher in a unit should be considered together with all available evidence on teaching practice for professional development (ongoing quality enhancement) and possible career progression.

You can access additional information on interpreting an individual SELT report online.

Please contact Evaluations LTC with any questions for which the answers are not available at Staff SELT FAQs.

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