Update your qualifications and personal details

Accurate recording of your qualifications is important for the university. This information is used for: reporting to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (along with other government agencies), university rankings, and the registration and accreditation of various university courses and programs.

What you may not know is that the reporting of qualifications to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment is used as a quality workforce measure in the university’s TEQSA re-registration process. This is why we ask you to take the time and maintain your employment record.  

We understand it can be easy to overlook keeping your employee record up to date, so we’re asking all staff to take a few moments to review and, where needed, update your qualifications to ensure we have accurate information and data.

At the same time, we encourage you to take the opportunity to check that your personal details are up to date (such as address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc). The accuracy of this information is important for the smooth running of university processes and in the event of an emergency or incident.

How to check your qualifications

Check your qualifications in Staff Connect

  1. To add/update your qualifications or even delete qualifications, you will need to use the Request Update to Qualifications form in Service Central. The university is required to validate all claimed qualifications, certifications and accreditations relevant to a staff member’s position, through a confirmation or verification process.
How to check your personal details

Check your personal details in Staff Connect

  1. To change your details, click the ‘Edit’ button and update the information as required.
  2. When you enter the postcode in the 'Home Address' and 'Postal Address' sections, Staff Connect will automatically populate the Suburb, State and Country for Australia and New Zealand. If there is no match, you can enter the details manually (please don’t include a comma in your address details to avoid additional administration).
  3. Click the ‘Save’ button.

Note: Some personal details, such as your name, gender and date of birth, cannot be modified in Staff Connect. If you wish to update these details, complete the Request to Update Personal Details form in Service Central.

If you need further help, you can visit Service Central for step by step instructions and links to the Staff Connect User Guides. 

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