What’s new in cyber security updates at ACU

With the swift global move to digital work, ACU IT have been diligently ensuring our cyber security protections keep pace. To provide the best possible security to ACU staff, we’ve made a few changes to our systems.

Updates to phishing filters 

We’re updating to the latest email filtering technology, and you may soon notice a few changes to your emails.

Email originating from addresses outside ACU will now display banners indicating the external origin of the message. When you notice these banners, please make sure to double-check:


We’ve also updated your Report Email button in the Outlook ribbon. It used to look like this:

report email

And now it looks like this:

report message drop down

This button now displays a drop-down menu to help you report suspicious email

More information is available in the Service Central Knowledge Base.

Multi-Factor Authentication – we're nearly there

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has been rolled out to well over half ACU staff accounts. Thank you to everyone who’s enrolled so far. MFA is an incredible step forward in protecting ACU from cyber attacks and will be added to more systems throughout the next 6 to 12 months.

Find up-to-date cyber security information in the Cyber Security Workplace group.


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