What’s the best way to construct a PowerPoint slide, recognise effective feedback and engage students? INSPIRE might just be the program to invigorate your teaching practices.

In part, student outcomes in higher education are predicted by the quality of the teaching they receive. The better the teaching, the better the student outcomes.

As educators who seeks to provide quality teaching, it would be ideal if teaching staff had access to a toolkit of practical teaching approaches that were informed by rigorous evidence and if staff were provided with opportunities for feedback about their use of these approaches.

INSPIRE curates and summarises the highest-level evidence in higher education teaching and training, so educators can confidently support student learning with best practice.

You're invited

This month, all teaching staff are invited to attend one of the introductory workshops showcasing the INSPIRE project with access to the INSPIRE evidence toolkit. From there, all teaching staff are invited to participate in the INSPIRE trainings, allowing you to explore evidence in higher education training and receive feedback about your application.

View the Workshop flyer for details.

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