Relax and keep your leave in check

*This article was updated 25 August 2021

Make sure that you are taking the breaks you need to disconnect from work, decompress, and focus on your own wellbeing needs.

It's time to have a conversation with your supervisor and develop a plan to take your leave.

Plan ahead to take your accrued annual leave and, if eligible, your accrued long service leave, in discussion with your supervisor and considering your work activities. This helps to ensure you are taking the breaks you need and your leave balances stay in check.

You may also find that your supervisor will reach out to you to engage and enable you to plan and take your leave. While you don’t need to take leave every year, we do ask that you use your best endeavours to make your supervisor aware of your leave plans in order to minimise any disruption to your work unit - this is especially important where you are planning longer periods of leave. Keep in mind that once you have accrued 40 days of annual leave you can be directed to take some of that leave – the best way to ensure that your leave isn’t taken at a time that is inconvenient to you is to ensure that you remain below that 40 days.

Read more on taking annual leave.

Rest and recharge

Taking your leave each year provides you with an opportunity to disconnect from work and focus on your own mental health needs. Regular breaks have been shown to improve overall wellbeing and promote creativity, and are great for your longer-term productivity.

More information

You can check your leave balances at any time in Staff Connect in your Dashboard and by clicking on Leave.

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