Academic Board Digest - 17 February 2021

Academic Board Digest for the meeting of 17 February 2021.


The following membership changes were noted:

  • the commencement of Professor Belinda Tynan as the new Provost and Ex-Officio Academic Board member
  • the resignation of Professor Elizabeth Labone, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts, and Ex-Officio Academic Board member;
  • the resignation of External Member of Academic Board, Professor Paul Wormell; and
  • the commencement of the Term of Office for new student members Ms Zoe Cobb and Mr Matthew Wrigley.
Report from the Chair of Academic Board

The Chair thanked the following outgoing Academic Board and staff members for their service to
the University:

  • outgoing Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts Professor Elizabeth Labone, for her service to ACU and the Academic Board;
  • outgoing External Member of Academic Board, Professor Paul Wormell, for his contribution to the Academic Board.

The Chair provided brief updates on the following:

  • the implementation of the recommendations made by the external review of ACU’s academic governance, noting that most of the recommendations have been implemented, with an internal review of ACU’s faculty boards to be conducted;
  • on the review of policies for which he is Responsible Officer in his role as Chair of Academic Board, noting the importance of taking review opportunities and considering the thematic and structural implications of the policy work that the Academic Board does; and
  • his meetings with student members of Academic Board committees, noting the potential for more opportunities to connect these student members with wider ACU structures.

Academic Board:

  • noted the 2020 Academic Board Report to Senate;
  • approved the revised University Research Committee Terms of Reference; and
  • noted the results of recent approvals by circular resolution.
Vice-Chancellor and President’s Update

The Vice-Chancellor addressed the following matters:

  • the Vice-Chancellor considered it to be a privilege and an honour to be appointed as Vice-Chancellor of ACU, and looks forward to working with Academic Board and the Chair on matters of academic governance and quality;
  • the Vice-Chancellor aims to continue with the current strategic plan, observing the sense of stability and direction it provides the University;
  • three key university committees are to be implemented: the Vice-Chancellor’s Advisory Committee, the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Board, and the University Consultative Committee which is to be chaired by Chair of Academic Board;
  • ACU is keen to support its growing community of academics recognized by the Academy and its nationally and internationally comparable standards;
  • recruitment for new Deans of the Faculty of Education and Arts and the Faculty of Health Sciences is progressing;
  • The Vice-Chancellor referred to recent developments with respect to Blacktown Campus, to be officially opened soon, and the Ramsay Centre which has the capacity to become an epicentre of discussion on the future of humanity; and
  • With respect to the Commonwealth Govt Higher Education and funding, the Vice-Chancellor emphasised the importance of ACU’s engagement with all sides of the political spectrum and for Academic Board to be broadly aware of the direction the Government is taking with respect to Commonwealth policies.

The Vice-Chancellor noted a number of new appointments:

  • Professor Belinda Tynan as the new Provost;
  • Professor Myriam Amielh, new Dean of Innovation and Industry Engagement, who joins ACU from UTS; and
  • Professor Donna King, National Head of the School of Education.
Office of the Provost

The Provost:

  • thanked staff for their welcome to ACU;
  • acknowledged the departure of Professor Elizabeth Labone as Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education and Arts;
  • thanked Professor Meg Stuart for the support she has provided to the Provost in her transition into ACU;
  • encouraged staff to visit the Ramsay Centre;
  • spoke about the integral nature of her role within academic governance at ACU and
  • encouraged staff to approach her on any matters related to academic governance; and
  • provided an update on the Studiosity online platform offering academic support and writing feedback to students.

Academic Board noted:

  • the ACU Innovation Scorecard; and
  • the ACU Postgraduate Course Architecture Report.
Presentation to Academic Board
  • Academic Board thanked Mrs Marta Skrbis for her presentation titled “Pathways: ACU’s Strategic Opportunity”.
Student Administrative Lifecycle and Policy Committee
  • Academic Board approved proposed amendments to the Student Appeals Procedures.
Courses and Academic Quality Committee

Academic Board approved the following major course changes:

  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of High Performance Sport (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Nutrition Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Applied Public Health (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Paramedicine (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)
  • Graduate Certificate in Exercise Rehabilitation for Sports Injuries

Academic Board approved the following course discontinuation:

  • Bachelor of Arts: discontinuation of the Major in Education Studies.

Academic Board noted:

  • the Course and Unit Analysis Report 2020.
Office of Planning and Strategic Management (OPSM)

Academic Board noted:

  • the Renewal of Registration Status Readiness Report;
  • the report on Students’ Experience of Online Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic;
  • the Vice-Chancellor and President’s approval of the new Material Change Notification and TEQSA Liaison Policy; and
  • the Student Experience and Outcomes Report.

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