Updates to the Travel Policy

Further updates have been made to ACU’s Travel Policy. Staff and students travelling domestically now require approval from the Senior Executive or delegated Executive member of the portfolio. This will be reviewed following the COVID-19 pandemic or in January 2022 at the next scheduled policy review.

The Travel Policy applies to all staff, non-staff and students of the university who are required to travel for university business, on university funds. The policy includes air travel, accommodation and car hire.

As a living document, the Travel Policy will be updated on occasion to meet the university’s changing needs over time.

The latest changes relate to:

  • class of air travel changes
  • cap on international trips
  • travel approval
  • changes to accommodation limits and alignment to ATO tax rulings
  • introduction of a 4 per cent carbon levy on all flights
  • removal of procedural aspects from the policy.

You can view the updated Travel Policy on the ACU policies website.

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