Flu vaccination reminder

ACU encourages you to participate in our annual flu vaccination program to help maintain your health and wellbeing, especially with the onset of colder weather and impending flu season. All staff (including casuals and sessional staff) are eligible to participate in the program free of charge.

You can either order a vaccination voucher which can be redeemed at local pharmacies/chemists, or you can book a vaccination appointment. Staff on the Brisbane and North Sydney campuses can also schedule an appointment to access a bulk billed and free vaccination from an ACU Medical Centre.

As a range of options are available to access vaccination, there will be no vaccination reimbursements processed in 2021.

The southern hemisphere seasonal influenza vaccine provides protection against the seasonal strains as recommended by the World Health Organisation. It also reduces the threat of contracting the flu and COVID-19 at the same time, which could ‘overwhelm’ the body. Please read ACU’s FAQs for more information.

The provider Vitality Works has a Q&A brochure containing valuable information about the vaccination; you can also watch the flu explainer to learn about the benefits of being vaccinated.

The flu and COVID-19 vaccinations

Staff should wait two weeks between getting the flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine to optimise the effectiveness of both vaccinations. This follows guidelines/advice provided by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI).

If you are unsure whether you should be vaccinated (eg due to a medical condition, and/or you are allergic to egg products), please seek advice from your doctor first.

Make a booking today

You are encouraged to order a voucher or book now to guarantee an appointment. The number of spaces at each of our campuses is limited to the days and times the university has arranged with Vitality Works. Vitality Works administers these vaccinations options and the online booking system. 

Booking your vaccination is easy

To access a vaccination, please visit this link and carefully follow the instructions provided. Once you have requested a vaccination option, you will also be directed to complete an online consent form. If you experience any problems accessing a voucher or booking your appointment, please call Vitality Works on 1300 662 328.

Download the flu vaccination patient information.

The free flu vaccinations will be available on each campus on the following dates:


Campus Date Session time(s) Venue

Brisbane CBD

(Elizabeth St)

Friday 21 May 1pm-1.30pm Level 3, Meeting room 3

Friday 28 May

Thursday 3 June



Building 403, First Aid room
North Sydney

Thursday 27 May

Wednesday 2 June



Building 502.1.38 First Aid room
Strathfield  Friday 28 May 9am-11am Building 640.G.44 First Aid room

*Clinics were held on the Ballarat, Brisbane and Canberra Campuses between early and mid-May.

Remember, you can also obtain the flu vaccination from your doctor if you are unable to access the university’s program.

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