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INSPIRE is a new ACU project aiming to answer the big questions in learning and teaching.

In part, student outcomes are predicted by the quality of the teaching they receive. The better the teaching, the better the student outcomes.

As educators who seeks to provide quality teaching, it would be ideal if teaching staff had access to a toolkit of practical teaching approaches that were informed by rigorous evidence and if staff were provided with opportunities for feedback about their use of these approaches.

The INSPIRE project does just this. INSPIRE offers teaching staff (continuing, fixed term and sessional) both an evidence toolkit that summarises highest-level evidence in higher education teaching and training to assist them in supporting student learning.

Attend an INSPIRE workshop

As part of the INSPIRE project launch this July, all teaching staff are invited to participate in an INSPIRE level 1 workshop. The two-hour workshop explores how teaching staff might best use evidence to inform their teaching practices. At the completion of this workshop, staff will walk away with:

  • an understanding of why INSPIRE is important
  • access to the INSPIRE website and evidence toolkit
  • an invitation to participate in the level 2 workshop program
  • a certificate of completion that can be used in your performance plan.

All teaching staff are invited to contribute to tailoring the toolkit and training to meet their specific needs.

To do this, please complete this 15-minute online survey. You could also win a $400 gift voucher prize to spend wherever you choose simply by telling us about your current teaching practices. A member of the INSPIRE team will be in touch with you after you have completed the survey with details about the level 1 workshop.

If you have any questions about INSPIRE, please contact one of the project team members: John MahoneyMichael NoetelDavid Barnett or Kirsten Challinor.

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