Structured and block enrolment

As part of the ongoing Enrolment: Planning to Completion (EPiC) project, Banner was recently configured to provide the students commencing in four courses with an easier enrolment experience in Student Connect. This successful trial will now be rolled out more widely in 2022.

Two different approaches were used and so far almost 300 commencing students have enrolled across the four courses, with extremely low rates of enrolment enquiries.

Structured enrolment

For the Bachelor of Social Work, the Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary), in which most units are compulsory and students have minimal choice, we implemented a structured enrolment process.

Rather than having to search for each unit individually in Student Connect, students are presented with a list of the units relevant to their course. The student then simply selects the units that they wish to enroll in from the list.

Block enrolment

The Bachelor of Commerce has four compulsory units in students' first semester, followed by a wider range of options. These students were presented with a choice of two blocks of four units: one for students intending to complete an accounting major; one for all other students. The student then simply selects the appropriate block to be enrolled in all four semester-one units.

Find out more about block and structured enrolment by watching these short videos:

Wider implementation in 2022

Following this successful trial, we will be making structured and block enrolment available in more courses in 2022.

We have identified courses with relatively simple course rules and a head count greater than 200 which we believe would be suitable for either block or structured enrolment. Together, these courses account for approximately 60 per cent of ACU enrolments.

In the next few weeks, we will be meeting with course coordinators, team leaders, and other relevant school staff to confirm the best enrolment configuration for their course, with a view to making them available to commencing students from April 2022.

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