CMAS Expand and Enhance Project

Work has begun on a new project to expand and enhance CMAS, to be known as CMAS E2. Over the next 18 months, CMAS E2 will consolidate the Curriculum Management Approval System (CMAS) as the single source of truth for curriculum information, resulting in an a more consistent student experience and improved course quality assurance.

New functionality will allow the management of additional items including:

  • extended unit outlines (EUOs)
  • course maps
  • graduate attribute and learning outcome mapping
  • mapping standards and attributes for external accreditation
  • marketing information for majors, minors and specialisation.

Data quality and seamless data transfer will be ensured through developing either new or improved integrations for CMAS with:

  • the new LMS
  • Banner (discontinued units, AHEGS information)
  • Business Intelligence reporting
  • Sitecore (for publication of unit availability, the course browser, handbook and AHEGS).

These requirements are currently being gathered with development slated to commence in the new year.

If you would like to learn more about the project, please feel free to join the CMAS Expand and Enhance (E2) Project Teams site.

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