Keeping our campuses safe

ACU has invested in an indoor air-quality monitoring network that will monitor the air quality in the majority of our buildings across the university.

Monitoring stations will be installed over the next four to six months in buildings that ACU owns or directly manages. They will provide staff and students with clear data about their local environment as we continue to keep our community informed about their health, safety and wellbeing at ACU.

The stations will provide a broad sample of air-quality readings in high-volume classrooms, common student spaces, common corridors, and general staff open workspaces. 

Properties and Facilities will strategically locate these monitoring stations, which will be discreetly installed in the concealed air-conditioning systems; alternatively, small air-sampling devices will be installed on the ceiling. All selected installation locations are open or common areas, and they will not be installed in private offices, meeting rooms, utility rooms or bathrooms. There will be no proposed video surveillance attached to them and each station will be clearly labelled.

Information from the stations will help you understand air quality during extreme conditions, such as those experienced during bushfires, giving everyone direct access to real-time data regarding indoor temperature, humidity, CO2 and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), while also being able to review outdoor air quality.

These systems will complement our general Workcover Work Health and Safety requirements for social distancing and healthy workplace practices. 

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